Having studied with many well known teachers, and through his own curiosity, he has accumulated a great wealth of knowledge of different schools of violin playing and has created his own rich method which has proved very succesful
— Nora Chastain, Berlin University of the Arts

Already during his own studies, Philip A. Draganov decided that he wanted to dedicate his career to young talented musicians. For almost 20 years he has pursued this lifetime assignment with passion, devotion and perseverance. Today he is one of the most sought-after and successful violin pedagogues in Switzerland. His students travel from all over Switzerland and near abroad to attend lessons in Zurich or Winterthur. Numerous professional musicians e.g. concertmasters and principals from well known Swiss orchestras have entrusted Philip A. Draganov with the musical education of their children.

The core of his work focuses on the individual training of musically talented children and young people and prepares them for music studies and life as a professional musician.

Through his education in different European countries and the United States, Philip A. Draganov combines the tradition of American, Russian, and various European violin schools in his own teaching method. For Philip A. Draganov, intense and individual guidance for each of his students is essential. Education is called to promote and develop the natural abilities of each student. Thus are technical basics, virtuosity and sound developement just as important as stylistic training and interpretation.
Draganov’s work focuses on the holistic personal development of the young musicians and thus offers them important development experiences. Further core topics are practicing strategies and time management as well as self-confidence and stage presence

Philip A. Draganov teaches the 1. movement from Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E-Minor.

International Competitions:

The professional approach to musical education already at early age provides to the children and teenagers the possibility of playing at highest level, a fact that is proven by the students’ huge success at international festivals and competitions.
Students and former students from Philip A. Draganov's violin class are winners and prize holders of numerous international competitions. Among some of these competitions are:

  • International Marschner-Competition, Germany

  • Concorso Violinistico Internazionale Andrea Postacchini, Italien

  • International Louis Spohr Competition, Germany

  • Concorso Internazionale Giovani Musicisti Premio Antonio Salieri, Italy

  • Barlassina Interntional YOUNG ARTIST Competition , Italy

  • European Music Competition Città di Moncalieri, Italy


  • International violin competition Berlingske Tidende, Denmark

  • Istvàn Kertész competition, Switzerland

  • Valsesia violin competition, Italy

  • Rising Stars, Germany

Many years of success at the Swiss national competition (SJMW):

At the Swiss Youth Music Competition (SJMW) Draganov's students have consecutively won first prizes since 2007. From  2012 - 2018, several students have consecutively received first prizes with distinction every year.
No other violin class in Switzerland could generate as many 1st prize winners at the Swiss National Youth Music Competition (2016 and 2018), in both the Entrada (1st round) and the final round.

In 2018, totally 15 of Philip A. Draganov’s students were admitted to the final, where they achieved top rankings in 3 out of 4 age categories.

In the "Jugend Musiziert" competition in Germany, several students of Philip A. Draganov have already won the first prize overall Germany.

Philip A. Draganov teaches the 1st movement from Mozart's Violin Concerto in G-Major. 

Philip A. Draganov teaches pupils from around age 8 until the admission to the university. Besides their school commitments, his students are willing to invest an amount of time into their musical education, which is clearly above average. They aim at studying violin - or at least don’t exclude the possibility of becoming a professional violinist.

The education consists of:

  • Intense violin lessons

  • Regular technique classes

  • Studio classes and opportunities to perform in concerts every month

  • Possibility to rehearse with the piano accompanist

  • Numerous public concerts nationally and internationally

  • Opportunities to perform as soloists with orchestra for selected students

  • Masterclasses with renowned soloists and professors as part of the “Draganov class meet…” cycle or at the YOUTH CLASSICS Swiss International Music Academy

  • Opportunity to arrange scholarships in case of difficult economic situation

  • Regular consultation meetings with parents

  • Cooperation with approved music physiologists, coaches and psychologists - if needed

  • Making music together in chamber music groups (optional)

  • Education in orchestra playing at high level, e.g. with the chamber orchestra MKZ or in cooperation with the Zurich University of the Arts and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra.

  • Making music with professional musicians

  • Depending on the educational context, secondary subjects such as piano lessons, music theory, composition or various other courses can be taken optionally

  • Establishing contacts to professors worldwide before the admission to university studies

Many former students from the class study or have studied at some of the most prestigious universities in the world subsequent to their education with Philip A. Draganov, among others, in New York, Berlin, London, Vienna and Zurich and have enjoyed successful soloist careers.
His educational work as well as portraits of his pupils have been documented by television in Switzerland and in Asia.

Draganov teaches at the conservatories in Winterthur and Zurich (MKZ) as well as at the PreCollege of the Zurich University of the Arts. His teaching work is located at the Music Center Florhofgasse, the University of the Arts Zurich (Toni-Areal) and the conservatory in Winterthur.
Besides that, Philip A. Draganov regularly teaches at masterclasses in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, the US and Asia at several universities.
Furthermore, he gives workshops for students at music universities concerning various subjects, such as “how to teach highly talented pupils”.

Philip A. Draganov is a member of the European String Teachers Association and a jury member at various competitions. He is the publisher of his own edition with the Gilgenreiner-Verlag. In 2017, his edition of Tschaikovsky’s Violin Concerto was published.

Further information is available in a personal meeting and / or a trial lesson.

Please contact Philip A. Draganov at philip@draganov.ch.